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The AC Installation Experts You Can Count On

As the leading local AC service provider, AC installation in North Phoenix, AZ, and nearby areas is just one of the many tasks that the crew here at Sun Tech Air Conditioning handles all the time. You can expect us to start off your project with an initial consultation to help you settle on a system that meets your needs. We'll then complete all the required installation work in line with the manufacturer's guidelines. Our team will also do our best to ensure that you're completely happy with the products and air conditioning services we provide.

The Benefits of a Brand-New AC Unit

If you've been living in a home with only a swamp cooler, a window unit, or no air conditioning at all, you'll definitely appreciate the indoor comfort that a new central air conditioner will provide. Central cooling units can also protect against the damage caused by indoor humidity, keep perishable food items fresher, and preserve the appearance of your clothing and home furnishings. Replacing an existing AC unit that has reached the end of its service life may provide all these advantages while also lowering your monthly utility bills, thanks to increased efficiency.

Should You Fix or Replace Your Air Conditioner?

If it seems like your AC system spends more time being worked on than it does working to cool your property, AC replacement may be in order. Our team can evaluate the condition of your current system and provide you with an estimate for professional AC repair, along with a separate quote for complete system replacement so that you can compare the two. We'll also be happy to answer any questions you may have and discuss all your options with you in more detail.

Why You'll Be Glad You Choose Sun Tech Air Conditioning

When you put your trust in us, you can be certain that our personnel will arrive for every service call on time and ready to get started. You're also sure to be pleased by our conscientious approach and strict attention to even the smallest matters when handling your AC installation service project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our established business has been in operation in the North Phoenix area since 2015. We're backed by decades of collective expertise, and our expansive coverage region extends to Sun City, Sun City West, Glendale, Scottsdale, and nearby areas.

Master AC Repair Technicians


We're Master Technicians who are knowledgeable about any type of Evap or Packaged Units needing to be serviced.


Our staff has worked with every ac manufacturer. So rest assured we have the knowledge to service even the toughest ac units.


We'll customize a service approach based on your equipment needs and business priorities. Let's build a plan to extend the life of your hvac system.


Emergency AC Repair

If you need assistance call

(602) 900-3520

No Job Is Too Small

It's the little things that matter. Any AC repair, tune-up, or HVAC service comes with our service repair guarantee.

Dedicated Technicians

Our master technicians are backed by thousands of Google Reviews. Quality workmanship is our DNA.

Fast Work Turnaround

Each minute matters. Is your roommate, spouse, or in-law is left without a broken AC? We can help!

Sun Tech Air Conditioning is the only logical choice when you need AC installation in North Phoenix, AZ, or a nearby area. Contact us to request an appointment today!

A Proud Team With Proud Customers


I've used Sun Tech three times over the past two years. I was a bit leery at first, as they were sent via a home warranty company. However, the professionalism of the techs, and the company employees themselves quickly erased that trepidation. We had no AC in the Arizona summer, and their tech and company made us more of a priority than our warranty company, rushing to get our fix made. They tried everything they could to keep our unit working. After working with them, and realizing the age and failure rate our unit was having, we decided to get a brand new HVAC unit. Our family did not even bother shopping around, as we knew the care and quality Sun Tech had given us already."


Phoenix, AZ


We were assigned Sun Tech from our warranty company. They notified us very quickly and had a tech out ASAP. Upon review, they were able to diagnose and tell us what was needed to make out unit run right. We got the estimate and a couple days later the work was done. The two installers we prompt, courteous and let us know everything that they would be doing. Our repair was done in the timeline that was quoted and our A/C feels like it is brand new. Could not be happier with Sun Tech and we will for sure use them in the future."


Phoenix, AZ

So What Can I Expect?

Discounts, rebates and guarantees are all part of the package. Search our complete list of Sun Tech AC Services and Customer Benefits.

Do you need toinstall a new Ac unit or need repair of anexistingair conditioning system?

We bring the best practices and industry knowledge to every AC Service.

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