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New Air Conditioners

New Air Conditioning Unit

New air conditioning unit (New AC Unit) is a mechanical device that provides thermal comfort and indoor air quality in private and commercial buildings. An air conditioner, the main component of an ACU, is a heat pump that transfers thermal energy from a cool space to a warm space. A source of refrigeration gas pushes heat through coils or tubes that are either exposed to the outside air (in the case of a window AC Unit), or inside the building (in the case of an indoor air-handler unit), to the heat sink, which is often the outdoors. In another part of the cycle, the condenser extracts heat from inside the building and dissipates it into the outdoors. Compression and expansion of refrigerants causes a temperature drop and pressure rise in their mutual phase transition from liquid to gas and vice versa.

New Air Conditioners

Our technicians have been installing new air conditioners for many years. What our techs have found is the technology of air conditioners has greatly improved over the years. By adding humidity control and a variable speed compressor, the new air conditioners give you much more comfort in your home. Sun Tech has installed many of these new units in many homes and all are very happy with the results. While some might think that the new air conditioners are more costly, you need to take into account how much you will save on your electric bill. While the new air conditioners have many perks, one of the main ones is that they are much quieter than the older models. This is due to the newer models having a more efficient condenser. You can now have an air conditioner that will not disturb your sleep or your conversation.

How do air conditioners work in ?

The working principle of an air conditioner is very simple. It makes use of the basic principles of thermodynamics to transfer heat from a lower temperature to a higher temperature. The heart of an air conditioner is a refrigerant, a chemical compound that readily changes from a gas to a liquid and vice versa. In the evaporator, which is the portion of the air conditioner located inside the building, the refrigerant changes from a liquid to a gas, drawing heat from the air around it in the process. This cooled air is then circulated back into the building. In the condenser, which is the portion of the air conditioner located outside the building, the refrigerant changes from a gas back to a liquid, giving off heat in the process. This heat is released into the atmosphere. The refrigerant used in most modern air conditioners is Freon, a chlorofluorocarbon (CFC). CFCs are being phased out because of their damaging effect on the Earth's ozone layer.

What are the different types of air conditioners in ?

The most common type of air conditioner is the split-system, which consists of an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. The indoor unit houses the evaporator, while the outdoor unit contains the compressor and the condenser. Window air conditioners are another type of air conditioner that is commonly used in smaller homes and apartments. Window air conditioners are less expensive than split-system air conditioners and are easier to install. However, they are not as energy efficient and can be noisy. Portable air conditioners are another type of air conditioner that can be used in both home and commercial settings. Portable air conditioners are self-contained and can be easily moved from one room to another. They are also less expensive than split-system air conditioners.

What are the benefits of using an air conditioner ?

Air conditioners provide numerous benefits. They improve the quality of the air inside a building by removing dust, pollen, and other allergens from the air. They also help to control humidity levels, which can prevent the growth of mold and mildew. Air conditioners also help to keep the air inside a building cool, which can improve the overall comfort of the occupants. In addition, air conditioners can help to reduce energy costs by keeping the air inside a building cooler, which reduces the need for artificial lighting and lowers the amount of heat that is transferred into the building from the outside.

What are the drawbacks of using an air conditioner in ?

One of the main drawbacks of using an air conditioner is the cost of electricity. Air conditioners use a lot of electricity, which can increase your monthly energy bill. In addition, air conditioners generate noise, which can be disruptive to both the occupants of a building and the neighbors. Another drawback of air conditioners is that they can promote the growth of mold and mildew if they are not properly maintained. Finally, air conditioners can release chemicals into the air, which can be harmful to the occupants of a building.

Sun Tech Air Conditioning serves the Phoenix and Glendalemetro areas with emergency air conditioning repair service. We are a local HVAC contractor striving to provide quality heating and cooling services with affordable prices. Contact us today for more information! Our technicians have the experience, knowledge and equipment to properly diagnose and repair your air conditioner on any year make or model. We have been fixing air conditioners residential and commercial since 2015.

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Air Conditioning can be fast, easy, affordable, and worth every penny you invest.

When Air Conditionings are not worth repairing the ac unit has a higher chance of failures or the unit will have to be completely replaced. Should you throw money into a problem that wont last? Let us help make the best decision based on your needs.

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Air Conditioning near Sun Tech Air Conditioning provides ac repair near Phoenix, Glendale, Anthem, Arizona, AZ

AC Tune-Up Service $79

The tune-up checklist:
  • Verify your home’s cooling & heating temperature output and airflow
  • Check condenser and evaporative coils condition
  • Check drain line(s)
  • Check electrical connections
  • Check refrigerant level, charge and adjust as indicated
Air conditioning systems are measured by the seasonal energy efficiency ratio "SEER".
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We serve the :
  • Expert AC repair on all makes and models
  • Trained & certified air conditioning technicians
  • The latest tools & equipment to diagnose and repair your AC system
  • 12 month parts & labor warranty on all AC repairs
  • Emergency air conditioning repair
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
The best quality air conditioning repair service Sun Tech Air Conditioning. We are theair conditioning repair companyArizona residents trust with 4.7 Stars on Google Reviews.

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Ready to purchase a new air conditioning system? Sun Tech Air Conditioning's AC installation service can efficiently take care of your needs. Our specialists can help you select the right central air unit, packaged unit, or ductless mini split for your heating and cooling needs. Researching air conditioning systems on your own? How confusing is it to try and figure out exactly what you need, what size, and how much you will need to spend. If you are too confused or a little confused about selecting your air conditioning unit we can make the process simple and easy just give us a call.

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed from Sun Tech Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning can be fast, easy, affordable, and worth every penny you invest.

When Air conditioners are not worth repairing the ac unit has a higher chance of failures or the unit will have to be completely replaced. Should you throw money into a problem that wont last? Let us help make the best decision based on your needs.
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We're Master Technicians who are knowledgeable about any type of Evap or Packaged Units needing to be serviced.

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Our staff has worked with every ac manufacturer. So rest assured we have the knowledge to service even the toughest ac units.

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We'll customize a service approach based on your equipment needs and business priorities. Let's build a plan to extend the life of your hvac system.

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Starting from scratch? New building development? Our engineering team will design, supply, and build custom Commercial and Residential HVAC Systems specific for investment longevity. We handle New Generation Systems as well as create Efficiency Advancement Solutions year round.

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We were assigned Sun Tech from our warranty company. They notified us very quickly and had a tech out ASAP. Upon review, they were able to diagnose and tell us what was needed to make out unit run right. We got the estimate and a couple days later the work was done. The two installers we prompt, courteous and let us know everything that they would be doing. Our repair was done in the timeline that was quoted and our A/C feels like it is brand new. Could not be happier with Sun Tech and we will for sure use them in the future."
Phoenix, AZ
I've used Sun Tech three times over the past two years. I was a bit leery at first, as they were sent via a home warranty company. However, the professionalism of the techs, and the company employees themselves quickly erased that trepidation. We had no AC in the Arizona summer, and their tech and company made us more of a priority than our warranty company, rushing to get our fix made. They tried everything they could to keep our unit working. After working with them, and realizing the age and failure rate our unit was having, we decided to get a brand new HVAC unit. Our family did not even bother shopping around, as we knew the care and quality Sun Tech had given us already. So we had them install our new house unit and will continue to use them for maintenance and repairs in the future."
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